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Scrabble learned word CIRQUE

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A Cirque is a basin or amphitheatre shaped valley or part of a valley formed by glacial erosion.

They are found in mountainous regions and are often the starting points of glaciers. Cirques are characterized by steep walls on three sides, with an open end facing downhill. They are formed when snow and ice accumulate in a hollow and create a glacier. The ice slowly moves downhill, eroding the sides and bottom of the hollow. Over time, the glacier carves out a bowl-shaped depression, which is the cirque. The steep walls of the cirque are often jagged and rocky, with waterfalls cascading down them. Some cirques are filled with lakes, while others are dry.

Cirques are important landmarks for mountaineers and hikers. They provide a unique landscape and often have diverse flora and fauna due to their high altitude and isolation. They also provide an insight into the geological history of the area

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May 18, 2023



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